Women Men Love, Women Men Leave: What Makes Men Want to Commit?

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Why does lasting love seem so elusive? This indispensable and insightful book unravels the puzzling patterns of a man’s needs, fears and expectations, revealing fascinating insights into what makes a man want to make a commitment to a woman. With true-life accounts from women who have successfully turned around foundering relationships, two renowned clinical psychologists show how a woman can dramatically influence the course of love. Here’s how you can learn the secrets that evoke loving and positive responses from men and find out exactly what kind of woman a man loves – and stays with – forever. Trusting a man to love your strength Arousing a man’s passion and desire Deepening love through friendship Giving up the prince and finding the man And 11 essential rules for staying in love

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In a followup to the bestselling Smart Women/Foolish Choices, psychologists Kinder and Cowan load the pages with warnings against self-defeating female traits. The authors insist that men need and want lifetime commitments to women they choose. But when masculine pride is threatened, they say, eligible males reject even women who attract them strongly. The book’s lengthy first section consists of interviews with females seeking counsel on why they fail to marry; they describe affairs ending abruptly when promising partners flee from women too eagerly initiating sex, or affecting superiority to men they really desire, etc. The second part contains philosophical generalities on permanent relationships supported by love, in which two people overcome selfishness and devote themselves to each other. A series of quizzes offers women the opportunity to understand how their “”styles of loving” affect men.

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  • Publisher : Signet (May 3, 1988)
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