About The Prudent Princess

You don’t need a royal budget to dress like a princess! The Prudent Princess features quality new and pre-owned clothing, treasures, and accessories. From handbags and shoes to dresses and jackets, we have something for every princess. Forged by a single parent/hard-working mindset, The Prudent Princess handpicks all items to ensure high quality at a great price.

As a single mom, I realized early on that buying expensive new baby clothes was an act of futility. I went with a friend (antique dealer) to a thrift store and found beautiful, like-new children’s clothing. Some were even brand new with the price tags still attached. Later, I discovered equally great clothing for myself.

The Dilemma?
Well. It’s kind of like dating. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. With thrift, you have to visit a number of stores and rummage through not so great stuff to find the ‘right’ items and sizes. Other thrift stores had the right items but prices were too high and vintage items could be dirty or damaged.

So I created The Prudent Princess where working people can find great items at reasonable prices.