Do you sell consignments?

No. Nope. Nada. While other sellers have clothing that is mostly consignment, The Prudent Princess focus is on quality. And no matter how many fancy machines you use, it is difficult to ensure the quality of something you never touch. We use several sources to buy products outright so we can ensure both quality and prudent prices.


Where do you get your items?

Quit being nosy! Just kidding. Everywhere we can. Closeouts, going out of business sales, occasional estate sales, and ‘friends’ with shopping habits. Basically, if we see or hear of a great treasure (at the right price) we snatch it up.


Do you wash your clothing?

If a clothing item is not new we may wash, (non-chemical) dry clean, or spot clean based on condition. I have children with allergies and skin sensitivities so I steer clear of harsh chemicals.

  1. Washed items are done in cold water only, using All Clear or Melaleuca natural detergent.
  2. Dry clean items are tumble-dried on low heat.

Bottom line, we are not about to sell you dirty clothes. Gross! If we wouldn’t give it to a friend or family member, we won’t sell it to you. So you can feel confident in your purchase. But, I strongly suggest you do what we do, wash (or disinfect) EVERYTHING before you actually WEAR it. Even new items at your local retail stores have been through some stuff.